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Word on the street:

Align's service is highly relevant in the current recruiting climate.

The questions I was asked by potential candidates used to be, ‘How cool is the brand and how will it look on my resume?’

Now, candidates are asking, ‘Who are the people? What does the brand stand for? What am I going to learn? Convince me this is going to be a positive experience for me.’

Michael Ardelean, Founder of Intro Limited Boutique Recruiting Firm

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New Era of Workforce Development

Strategic Alignment

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We help companies attract amazing talent and outstanding clients

through holistic alignment at the convergence of talent, client, and industry.

Talent: develop authentic engagement with your team

Client: create lasting connection with your clients

Industry: lead your industry through ethical resonance




Let’s Align. Helping you develop holistic pathways for the future of energy.

Holistic alignment begins with our process of discovery and implementation.


Discovery Mapping

Our dynamic discovery process provides clarity and understanding.

Focus Discovery

Through leadership we support cooperative work at all levels within your company.

Complete Discovery

Boutique operational solutions to augment & supplement inhouse talent.


Talent Strategy

Develop authentic engagement with your team

Client Strategy

Create lasting connections with your clients

Industry Strategy

Lead your industry through ethical resonance

We are a multigenerational & multidisciplinary team of expert guides qualified in holistic alignment, committed to seeing your company through this tide change and into the new era.